1. Great post, Pia! This is going to be a really fun blog to read and useful, too. I have granddaughters with allergies; two are extremely lactose intolerant and I suspect may have more allergies lurking but haven’t been tested yet. The other one gets horrible headaches from the oddest things, like root beer and nutmeg, some pizza doughs, gum thickeners and super sensitive to yucky oils. I can’t wait to show them your blog so they can try foods you think are tasty. They will be crazy over Wilbur!

    1. Thanks! I hope your grandkids get better Vicki. You know what’s the sad thing too? I can’t have root beer anymore either, and it used to be my very favorite. Whenever I went out to restaurants I would always ask for it.

  2. Thanks Pia for your awesome blog!! I will be sure to share it with all my friends and family…You will be helping a lot of kids and grown up kids to be able to enjoy some all time favorites!! Happy blogging Pia :)(

  3. Hi Pia! I’m really excited to follow your blog. I have some people, mostly kids, that are very close to me that have food allergies that sound just like yours. They are always looking for cool new ways to make their favorite foods.

  4. Pia, your blog is so wonderful and so you! I am excited to try all of your recipes, I think Ellie and McKenna will love them 😉 Good Job!!

  5. Hi Pia, I saw you & your Mom on New Day today and when I saw your name my first thought and question was/is are you an Orthodox Christian. Christo is both Greek and Eastern European and Pia is short for several different saint names. Just curiois…

  6. Hi Pia,
    This is a great website. I just found it 2 minutes ago. I am a mommy of two boys who I think are just about your age (one born in March 2008, one born in September 2006). Their names are Jack and Joe and both of them are allergic to gluten and dairy, and I’m now gluten+dairy free (I think maybe I was sensitive to them all along because I feel sooo much better when I don’t eat them). I can’t wait to show my boys your blog and all the recipes. Can you tell me how do you set up a blog … my older son Jack always wanted to do that? I can’t wait to cook all this good stuff, I’m going to cook up the tenders right away (I found your website searching for gluten-free tenders… actually I found your mom’s and then clicked on your link. If you and your family ever come way out to NYC, email me and can point out a couple of good restaurants where we eat. Or you could bring your family over for dinner… I am sure I’m not be as good a cook as you and your mom, but I can promise its all organic and allergy-free.

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