Hi, I’m Pia….

Hi, I’m Pia. I’m 6 years old and I love my family and I live in Seattle. I live with my mom and dad, my little sister named Coco and a puppy named Wilbur. I wanted this blog because I got really interested in what my mom was doing, and I always wanted to look at hers and see what she was talking about. Soooooo, I just pretty much thought I would like my own so I could talk about whatever I think is great.


The kind of things that are on my blog are going to be, like, allergy free recipes that any type of person can like, but mostly that I know kids will like. Oh, yeah, I have a lot of allergies too! My mom wrote about it here, but basically all the normal kinds of foods that kids eat, I can’t eat. Sugar, wheat, dairy, eggs and tons of other stuff, so my mom says that we have to get “really creative” (*there is an eye roll here). Since I still want to eat all of the stuff that I like, we have been making recipes that like, still taste like the old stuff but not made with any of the bad ingredients that I can’t eat. You know?


Ok, I am also going to talk about all of my favorite stuff sometimes and probably a lot of stuff about my puppy Wilbur too. He is so cute and is not even 6 months old yet. Sometimes he still isn’t even potty trained, but I help my mom clean up his messes because I am working on being responsible.


Also, I am an artist. Sometimes I can share my art work. Ok. I guess that is it. My mom is going to help me post my first recipe tomorrow that I am really so happy to let everyone see because it is so yummy! Thanks for coming to my blog!


Love, Pia

  1. Congrats Pia! What a creative blogger you are! I just showed Zach your site and he wanted me to ask you this: “Can you make cupcakes that taste yum without using the ingredients you’re allergic to? We will try to that recipe at home.”
    Love, Sonia and Zach

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